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Wordpress Training

Wordpress is very popular and easy CMS is nowadays for creating blog or websites. We all know that in this era demand of WordPress developer is very high so if you built your career as WordPress developer then you are coming at the right place. Global Web Guru is providing best WordPress training with practical knowledge.

Duration: 30 Lectures

Course Details

WordPress Introduction

1.1. Understanding and Using domain names
1.2. WordPress Hosting Options
1.3. Installing WordPress on a Dedicated Server
1.4. Understanding Directory Permissions

Basics of the WordPress User Interface

2.1. Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
2.2. Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
2.3. Core WordPress Settings

Finding and Using WordPress Plugins

3.1. Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
3.2. Upgrading WordPress Plugins
3.3. Recommended WordPress Plugins

Working with WordPress Themes

4.1. Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
4.2. Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
4.3. Installing and Configuring Themes
4.4. Editing and Customizing Themes
4.5. Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
4.6. Theme Best Practices

WordPress Content Management

5.1. Understanding Posts Versus Pages
5.2. Organizing Posts with Categories
5.3. Connecting Posts Together with Tags
5.4. Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
5.5. Managing Lists of Links

Creating and Managing Content

6.1. Hands-On Training on the WordPress Editors
6.2. Hands-On Training on the New Image Editor

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