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Typo3 Training

TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system written in PHP. TYPO3 is credited to be highly flexible, as code and content are operated separately. It can be extended by new functions without writing any program code. Global Web Guru is providing best Typo3training with practical knowledge.

Duration: 30 Lectures

Course Details

Introduction With

1.1. HTML5 / CSS3 Overview
1.2. Design Slicing & HTML Conversion
1.3. Javascipt + Jquery
1.4. HTML5 + Responsive Designs
1.5. Bootstrap Overview

Basic Overview

2.1. Overview on Core PHP, OOPs
2.2. Overview on MySQL
2.3. Overview on MVC

Introduction à TYPO3

3.1. Become fully familiar with the basics of the Typo-script language
3.2. Adapt the TYPO3 extensions
3.3. Create new extensions for TYPO3
3.4. Set-up of a site on an HTML template

Installation and parameterising of TYPO3

4.1. General presentation of TYPO3
4.2. The TYPO3 basics:
4.2.1. Structure of a site
4.2.2. Description of the MySQL base associated with TYPO3
4.2.3. The various files and directories
4.2.4. Encoding of characters (UTF-8)
4.3 Installation on local workstation and parameterising

Development with TYPO3

5.1. Mise en oeuvre des gabarits TemplaVoilà (TV) et des CSS
5.2. Paramétrage avec Typoscript
5.3. Prise en compte de l’accessibilité

Advanced parameterising of TYPO3

6.1. Management of multilingualism (l10n)
6.2. Presentation of the extensions administrator
6.3. Implementation of workspaces and validation processes
6.4. Special content: media library (DAM)

Development and modification of extensions

7.1. Configuration of the development workstation
7.2. Principles of the TYPO 3 API:
7.2.1. Reference documentation for the API
7.2.2. Access to data with the API
7.3. Adaptation of extensions and creation of new extensions
7.3.1. KickStarter
7.3.2. TCA
7.3.3. Modules (backend) & plugins (frontend)
7.3.4. FlexForms and XML
7.4. Management of renderings in Front-end with the API
7.5. Implementation of multilingualism in an extension
7.6. Implementation of Workspaces in an extension

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