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Digital Marketing

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

Digital Marketing is involved in all the functions in business. Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand, Product or service online. It is necessary to have basic knowledge and techniques which is commonly used in Digital Marketing. Due to the expanding needs of Marketers who are skilled in the utilization of unique blend of technology using search engine tools and social media channels so Global Web Guru Launched Digital Marketing Course in Bhavnagar.


In Bhavnagar Global Web Guru is launching Digital Marketing Course.  This course gives detail study with practical guidance. We are providing best knowledge of  SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, and many more.  Global Web Guru provides training which includes detail study of digital marketing with 100% Job Guarantee. Digital Marketing Course is user-friendly.

Course Details


  • Understanding website planning and overview
  • Understanding Internet, web servers, web hosting
  • Defining objectives/pages for your website
  • Pool those objectives under micro and macro activities
  • Identifying primary and secondary keywords for your website
  • Designing blueprint


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the power to drive traffic to your site and customers to your door. Global Web Guru is a leading search engine optimization company based in India that has been delivering top results and exceptional service for all types of business. We deliver measurable, transparent, and ethical SEO services that make you the forerunner in your industry. Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content management – all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business.


PPC is that the abbreviation of pay per click which implies you have to pay some amount on for each click on your advertisement. You can begin pay per click campaign anytime to enhance your business inquiries or conversions.

Being “the boss of all search engines”, needless to say, Google enjoys the utmost popularity of the web visitors. To help you promote your products, services or business to your targeted customers over the web, Google offers its advertising programs to the businesses all over the world, which is popularly known as Google Adwords Campaign.


  • Understanding overview & advantages
  • Setup web analytics account
  • Add tracking code in website/webpages
  • Getting familiar with key terms of Google Analytics
  • Setting up conversion matrix
  • Reviewing statistics and taking corrective actions, if required


Email marketing services works to tailored to your individual business and integrated along with your overall quarterly marketing strategy.From list building to subscriber data analysis to campaign and inventive strategy to segmentation and advanced strategy, we've got the power to drive real revenue and leads.


Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. It aims at creating a content that attracts attention and encourages users to share it on their social network. It tends to foster the brand awareness for the business and improved customer service.


  • Understanding google AdSense
  • Cool tricks to approve your google AdSense account
  • Placing advertisements on websites, thereby increasing your income by adding more blogs to your kitty
  • Creating blogs using strategy
  • Place advertisements on your blog and wait for your first cheques from Google!


  • Understanding affiliate marketing
  • How businesses can use affiliate marketing to generate more revenue and sales
  • How individuals can earn commission through affiliate marketing
  • Post that, we understand how to do affiliate marketing by other affiliates with the help of live examples
  • Different methods of doing affiliate marketing
  • Getting you approved with an affiliate marketing agency


After learning all the components of Digital Marketing it's time to create the right internet marketing mix for our business which will help us in achieving the optimum results for our business.

Here we learn the right mix of every element for an enhanced business outcome.


Content marketing is a helpful style of with success selling a brand or company on-line and is far like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If the process of Content marketing is successfully done, websites ranking on Google Page Rank are going to be optimized. Content marketing consists of content siloing that strategically provides your content the proper connection and importance that involves structuring the website pages and content assets (the silos) to make sure that the links to each "silo" support following silo to optimize Google Page Ranking.


We all understand the importance of reputation in the business. And these days it’s your online reputation that matters the most.

ORM or Online Reputation Management is that the methodology of moving and administering personal or a firm’s reputation on World Wide Web. Within the current scenario of online marketing where one connects via the internet and social networking, the customers use this to assess recommendations and services that a business claims to supply the market.


Commonly known as e-commerce marketing is actually the short form for Electronic Commerce marketing. It is the marketing carried out over electronic systems such as internet and other digital networks. This is one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business.


Strategic sales and marketing became one of the most powerful lead generation companies in the industry, helping thousands of organizations create a lot of sales leads, improve the qualification of their business leads, and boost conversion rates throughout the sales method.


Mobile marketing is marketing on or with the mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. It can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas.


Online advertising also known as Internet advertising is the process of delivering promotional marketing messages to consumers through internet. It includes advertising networks, blogs, banner ads, rich media ads, interstitial ads, contextual ads on search engine result pages, social network advertising, online classified adverting, dynamic banner ads, e-mail marketing and cross platform ads.

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