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The CodeIgniter, which is the best and most famous MVC Framework based on PHP

MVC is a new technique which help us to Get more with less coding! We just need to call the function name instead of making the new one. The best thing in the CodeIgniter is, it's super secure, super fast, and very easy to use. You don't need to HTMLize your forms anymore. We also now have three things to manages your codes, Model, View and the controller! There is also no No SQL injection anymore and no loop whole anymore!

Behind every programming language, a proper framework carries a lot of importance to lead to develop a robust and scalable application. A wrong approach during the design phase may result to developing a faulty system. It is thus a proper framework became very much essential as a point of consideration when planning a project.

These days’ most of the website uses a framework and the one that gets highest acceptance is for its flexibility. CodeIgniter – one of the most widely used and accepted frameworks for server-side scripting was launched in 2006. An open-source framework, CodeIgniter has earned reputation from web developers worldwide.

It is imperative that the common eligibility to enter as a web programmer these days is to have knowledge in a framework and thus gaining proper knowledge is very much essential. Using a framework at its fullest can ease a lot of programming task and makes the work more efficient and easy to handle. The professional course on PHP CodeIgniter helps to understand the usage and application of the framework.

Owing to the vast nature of the framework, the course will cover from preliminary to the advanced level of its usage. Candidates having an exposure on PHP will highly benefit from this course. The industry experienced involved in conducting the course will help a candidate gain a strong foothold on the proper usage of the framework of its application in a professional circuit. Besides the theoretical sessions, the hands-on experience with CodeIgniter will also help to understand the myriad of features in the framework and the reason of its success as a framework.

Duration: 30 Lectures

Course Details


1.1. Brief about Codeigniter
1.2. Brief about OOPs
1.3. Features
1.4. Installation
1.5. File System
1.6. Architecture


2.1. Introduction to MVC
2.2. Model
2.3. Controller
2.5. Helpers and Libraries
2.6. Creating Views
2.7. Modifying Views


3.1. Config php page
3.2. Database php page
3.3. Autoload php page
3.4. Routes php page
3.5. System Folder
3.6. Application Folder


4.1. Database Libraries
4.2. Session Libraries
4.3. Form Helpers
4.4. Form Validations
4.5. The URL Helper

Page Manager

5.1. Database and Models
5.2. Creating Page Controllers
5.3. Creating Administrative Views
5.4. Integrating Text Editors
5.5. Creating Administrative Screens


6.1. URL Rewriting
6.2. W3C Compliance
6.3. Filtering User Input
6.4. SQL Injection Prevention
6.5. Encrypting Sessions
6.6. Additional Security Resources

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